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This page is just the front door to my site all relating pages can be viewed by using the links above. The first group takes you to all the Data recordings from my Weather Station. These are updated every 5 minutes for Current Conditions and Daily for the Data Section.
Over ten years ago I set up a page for British Isles Weather Webcams. The page now has over 400 webcams from private sites with weather related images. Some of these webcams are hard to find so it gives them a chance to be seen. These are not the usual BBC or Roadcam inages
I am a member of The Climatological Observers Link. Which is a group of people all with a common interest in Meteorology. Members from this Country and from sites from around the world, send in their monthly Weather Conditions from their Weather Stations and these are published by COL. For more details on becoming a member or seeing any of the data sent in then use the above link to COL.
You can also visit Weather Eye this takes you to Ian Curries site for the Weather Eye magazine. It containing a wealth of useful information to anyone interested in the weather.
If you wish to see any of the Davis Weather Stations on offer. Then use the links above. Either Weather Stations or Davis Instruments these sites give you full information on all their range of Weather Stations.
May I wish a big thanks to the team at Radio Derby who featured my station on their lunch time programme. And also to The Burton Mail who regularly feature my weather station and reports. I would like to thank NCP Scaffolding and Hardwick Coleman & Whotton who responded to my appeal in the Burton Mail for a scaffold pole for my anometer on my weather station. I can only say Thank to both of them.

Anyone visiting from the link to this site may I give you all a warm welcome. Hope you have enjoyed your visit to this site if so please visit again soon. Many thanks. Paul.
Site designed and run by Newhall Weather Station.  Situated in Newhall South Derbyshire England.
All Weather Data is From my Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station

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